Medalist Program Description

Courses by Month

February – Island

March – Lake

April – Forest

May – Marsh

June – Island

July – Lake

August – Forest

September – Marsh

October – Island

November – Forest

December – Playoff – TBD

On February 1, the Kingwood MGA kicks off a new monthly Medalist Program.  Each month, we play a different course. Golfers may play their monthly medalist (individual, 18-hole stroke play) round any day of that month.

A monthly medallion will be awarded to the single low gross and net flight winners. At the end of the year the respective qualifiers will have a playoff, with the overall winner’s name engraved on the KMGA Medalist Plaque, to be displayed in the Clubhouse. The cost to play is $5 per medalist round. This program will supplement, not replace, our existing monthly Saturday events. Details below:

There will be 4 flights (1 gross, 3 net). Net flights will be determined by the number of players participating each month, with the goal of an equal number of players in each net flight.

  • Points will be awarded every month to players in each flight towards year-end awards.
    • All players will earn points for every month they participate.
    • 30% of the flight will earn points based on performance
    • Total points earned through the year determine year-end awards
    • Monthly and year-to-date results will be posted on our KMGA Website and in the Tin Cup.
    • At the end of the year, prize money will be awarded to the top 30% point earners.

16 players will battle it out in an end-of-year, 18-hole Medalist Championship where the lowest net score wins. Handicaps for the playoff will be based on medalist scores, not GHIN. Qualifiers for the playoff will be the top 16 overall point leaders, independent of flight. The winner of the playoff will earn the top spot as the Kingwood MGA Medalist Golfer of the Year and have his name engraved on the Medalist Plaque to be displayed in the Club House.

Participation in the Medalist Program is open to all KMGA members. If you are not currently a KMGA member and would like to join, please reach out to our KMGA Membership Director, David Nypaver (

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register for the Medalist Program?

Call the Kingwood Pro Shop at least 24 hours in advance of your round and let them know when you intend to play your Medalist round and with whom. The Pro Shop will prepare a Medalist scorecard and GGID # (Golf Genius ID) that you can pick up when you check-in. Members will be billed a $5 fee each month they participate. The Pro Shop will help pair players if needed.

What determines whether a round can be counted as a Medalist round?

  • Players must play the designated course, which will change monthly, as determined by the Medalist Committee.
  • Members must check-in at the Pro Shop and pick up their Medalist scorecard before starting their round.
  • The round must be played with at least two other KMGA members with at least one of those also playing their medalist round.
  • Your scorecard is the system of record. It must be attested by all players and turned into the Pro Shop before the end of the day.
  • Scores must also be entered into the Golf Genius app.
  • The Pro Shop will post scores in GHIN.
  • Each member is only allowed to play one Medalist round per month.

What tees do I play?

This event will be played from the Blue tees with the following exceptions:

  • Age 60+ have a White tee option.
  • Age 70+ also have a Silver tee option.
  • Blue tees players qualify for both a net flight and the gross flight.  White and Silver tee players qualify for a net flight but cannot qualify for the gross flight. Within the net flights, we anticipate players using different tees.
  • Qualifying players may move between tees month to month or course to course.

What are the local rules?

  • We will play lift, clean, and place if your ball is in the fairway of the hole being played, otherwise the ball will be played as it lies.
  • All putts must be holed. No gimme putts.
  • Course handicaps will be calculated based on your GHIN index on the 1st of the month.
  • Monthly ties for 1st place will be broken via scorecard playoff starting with the #1 handicap hole.  All other ties will split points.

How are points awarded?

  • Each month the number of points available in each flight will be determined by the number of players in that flight. For example, if a flight has 20 players the purse will have 20 * 5 = 100 points. Sample table below.
  • The top 30% in each flight will earn points. For example, 20 players = 6 places are paid.
  • The number of points available in the gross flight is based on the average number of points across net flights.
  • Players will also receive 5 points each month for participation.
  • Blue Tee Players can earn points either the gross or net flight. Points will be awarded in the flight that gives the player the most points.

Year-end Awards:

  • Qualifiers for the playoff will be determined based on total points earned through the end of November.
  • Golf Shop Credit Payout: The Top 30% point earners based on the average number of monthly players.
  • Playoff: Total points will be used to determine qualifiers for the Championship which will be played in December.

Course Schedule:

  • Island: February, June, October
  • Lake: March, July
  • Forest: April, August, November
  • Marsh: May, September
  • Playoff: TBD

* Given the fact that this is a new program, the Medalist committee reserves the make modifications at any time to adjust for inequities which may develop.

Example Table Showing Monthly Points Awarded by Flight:

Players In Flight203040
Points Available100150200
Places Paid6912
7 10.0015.38
8 6.6712.82
9 3.3310.26
10  7.69
11  5.13
12  2.56
Total Points100150200