Shoot-Out Qualification and Status

Per the KMGA Guidelines, shown below are the 3 ways to qualify for the end of the year Shoot-Out, played in October after the conclusion of our last wrap-around season event.  Note that Golf Shop events do not count toward Shoot-Out qualification.

  1. The top 20 players and ties in the points awarded for KMGA events
    • Points are awarded for both performance and participation
      • Performance points awarded to each flight as follows:
        • 10 for 1st place
        •   6 for 2nd place
        •   4 for 3rd place
        •   2 for 4th place
      • Participation – 20 points to all players
  2. The top 5 money winnners for KMGA events
  3. All players who play in all KMGA events….typically 11 events, beginning in November and concluding in early October

Below are links which show the ranks in each of these three categories.   We will attempt to update this list at the conclusion of each KMGA event.    If you see errors, please point these out to a Board Member and we will look into the issue.    This process can be taxing, and we’re human too.

2020 Shoot Out Status ( Updated through 4 Man Blind Draw on October 10, 2020 )

  1. Qualifiers to Date
  2. Sorted by Points
  3. Sorted by Prize Money
  4. Players with 100% Participation
  5. Players Participating in at Least 1 Event
  6. Shoot Out Prize Money Summary
  7. All Data